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    我們都將面臨房貸、車貸、孩子教育及養老問題, We're all going to face mortgages, car loans, kids education and retirement. 大多數人的工資扣除日常生活開銷后,所剩不多, Most people have little left after their daily expenses. 要是大投資吧,風險大且缺少啟動資金, If big investments, risky and short of start-up capital, 小投資吧,風險低卻又收益過低,不值得去費時費力。 Small investments, low risk and low yields, are not worth the time and effort. 也真是個難! What a difficult thing! 縱觀比較常見的理財方式, Looking at the more common ways of managing money, 股市牛短熊長風險高, Stock market bulls bear a high risk, 銀行利息跑不贏通脹, Bank interest doesn't win inflation, 網貸是個好路子,可是跑路太多也讓人操碎了心, The Internet is a good way to borrow money, but too much of the way is too much to be broken. 理財還有新選擇,基金定投你試過嗎? There is a new option for money management. Have you ever tried it? 說起基金定投, Speaking of fund fixing, 官方點講,就是定期、定額, Officially, it's a regular, a quota, 從銀行卡扣除資金完成自動投資的方式。 The way of automatic investment from bank card deduction. 比如每月20號都自動從工資卡里面, For example, every month 20 is automatically from the payroll card, 扣除1000元投資基金,并且長期投資, Deduct 1,000 yuan investment fund, and long-term investment, 就是懶人理財方式的一種。 That's one of the ways in which lazy people manage their money. 基金定投,專治“剁手黨”,可以強制儲蓄。 The fund is determined to be "shopaholic", which can be forced to save. 自動投資,省時省力,懶人必備。 Automatic investment, time-saving, lazy people. 長期投資,分散風險。 Long-term investment, spread risk. 積少成多,復利效應,儲備未來。 The accumulation, the compounding effect, the reserve future. 舉個栗子: Take a chestnut: 志明在1月份開始基金定投, Zhiming started the fund in January, 每個月固定投資600元基金, A fixed investment of 600 yuan per month, 1月份單價為30元,2月份漲到60元, The unit price is 30 yuan in January and 60 yuan in February. 3月份又跌回30元,4月份繼續下跌跌到15元, March fell back to 30 yuan, and in April went down to 15 yuan. 5月份漲回30元再將份額全部賣出。 In may, you'll get 30 yuan back and sell your share. 那志明這次的賺了多少錢呢? How much money did he make this time? 首先看下表投資具體情況, Let's start with the table investment. 總投資金額2400,共購買90份。 Total investment amount is 2,400, total buy 90. 然后5月份30元價位賣出, And then at 30 yuan in May, 獲利金額:30元*90份,合計2700元, Profits: 30 yuan * 90, total 2,700 yuan, 相比投資總額2400元要多出300元, That's 300 yuan more than the total investment of 2,400 yuan. 4個月投資收益率為12.5%。 The investment yield was 12.5 percent for four months. 錢沒問題進賬啦! The money is fine! 就以往的歷史經驗來看, In terms of historical experience, 5至10年可能是一個完整的經濟周期, Five to 10 years could be a full economic cycle, 從牛市變為熊市,再從慢熊變為牛市,依次反復。 From a bull market to a bear market, from a slow bear to a bull market. 參照之前是熊市,07年達到牛市峰值, This is a bear market, and in 2007, it was a bull market. 08年開始跌到最低點,然后一直慢熊, It started to hit bottom in 2008, and then it's been slow. 直到2015年牛市峰值,就可以看出。 Until the bull market peaks in 2015, you can see. 所以,一般中國股市在經歷過牛市之后,就進入了漫漫熊市。 Therefore, the common Chinese market has entered a long bear market after a bull market. 這個時候,我們開始定投基金, And at this point, we started to invest in the fund, 比如我們想投資6年,一共投資10萬, Let's say we want to invest for 6 years, we're going to invest 100, 000, 那每年投資16667萬元, That's 166.67 million dollars a year, 只需要每個月投資1389元就可以了, You only need to invest 1,389 yuan per month, 資金占用不大,不會太影響生活開支等。 Money doesn't take up much, it doesn't affect living expenses. 在這6年期間, During these six years, 雖然呈波動性變化,有漲有跌, Although it's fluctuating, it's going up and down, 但是牛市來的時候,就可以高價賣出獲利。 But when the bull market comes, it can be sold at a high price. 十分適用于存錢買房, Very applicable to saving money to buy a house, 買車,為孩子儲備教育基金等等的投資。 Buy a car, reserve a education fund for your child and so on. 基金定投的具體時間節點如何確定呢, How do the specific time nodes of the fund set up? 其實,按之前的情況, In fact, in the previous case, A股于2015年從峰值5178點腰斬至2600多點, A shares halved from A peak of 5178 in 2015 to more than 2,600. 雖然仍有可能下跌, Although it's still possible to fall, 但是下跌的空間非常有限, But the downside is very limited, 相比較A股所處的歷史地位來說, In the historical position of the a-shares, 這個時候基金定投就是不錯的時機。 This is a good time for fund making.


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